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If solving mysteries and decoding complex puzzles or watching popular NETFLIX  series like “Mindhunter”, “SUITS” or  “Marcella” fascinates you then you might just be the ideal candidate to build a career in criminology.

But, do you even know what criminology is? Criminology is simply the study of  how to ask and find out “ why do people violate (legal) norms, and how can they be identified, even potentially in advance of conducting their illegal behaviors .” Criminology is the scientific study of several different aspects of crime. First off, the nature and extent of crime, which covers what types of crimes there are in society? Also, what it’s like?

The second aspect of criminology is; the causes of crime, such as, why do specific people commit crime and others don’t? Why is crime at peak levels in some places and not in other places? The third aspect we see in criminology is the consequences of crime, like who does it affect and how does it affect them? Of course, the victims experience a range of consequences including physical, psychological, and financial damages. Apart from the victim, even the observer and the society as a whole suffers. Even the criminals suffer the consequences of their own crimes.

Now we come to the fourth aspect of criminology, the response to crime; this covers all of the responses to the law, such as, how police officers and other officials handle it. How do the judges punish the offenders? How differently are our elders treated as opposed to the youth? And finally the last aspect of criminology, the types of crime and prevention of crime, such as assault or theft. Now that you have a more thorough knowledge of criminology, you may have come to the conclusion that it has many things that are related to it, weather it is psychology, sociology, forensic science, or the law.

In conclusion, you should think long and hard before investing 3 years and lots of money into getting this degree. In my mind, it’s important to study criminology because crime is everywhere whether we want it to be or not; it’s all around us, it can be at your workplace, in your community, or even in your own home. With time, the level of crime is improving and evolving. It’s fascinating to see how psychopaths can commit such acts that are completely beyond our comprehension like “sequence killers”. ( Definitely Making you watch Mindhunter).

If you think you want to learn more about the way these people think and why they decide to commit such heinous acts on people they don’t know or even against people they do know, then a degree in criminology is perfect for you. Moving ahead, to all those who think this degree has  no career path for them to follow, I would request that you hold onto your Coffee, lean back in your chair and go through the list of careers that this degree offers ~



Being a teacher or professor is one of the most respected career options in every field. Apart from the theoretical explanation, professors explain the fieldwork too. “Virtuoso” is a word that best explains your knowledge in this field. With a master’s degree, in criminology, this job offers you a stable salary and immense satisfaction.

The 9 to 5 schedule allows you to explore the other parts of your life as well without binding you with extra responsibilities. All you need to do apart from teaching is develop a curriculum, write the syllabus, assigning and grading homework assignments, and administering tests. As a professor, you are paid to cultivate, develop, and distribute knowledge.

Salary :- $70,640 annually.

Qualifications:- Master’s degree



Majoring in criminology would be really helpful and would play a key role if you are inclined to go into a special criminal law course or want to be a criminal lawyer. On the one hand, criminology is centered on crime and what makes it happen whereas, on the other hand, lawyers are the ones who deal with the individuals who commit crimes, find out the causes and after-effects and get them punished.

Therefore, a balance of both can prove to be very advantageous because a major in criminology gives you a strong base for understanding the criminal justice system. But just a criminology degree doesn’t give you permission to practice law. You still need to study law and pass the bar exam.

A criminology degree involves a lot of internship and fieldwork which can certainly become an advantage for you and make you stand out from others by boosting your CV highlights which are a major requirement of almost all Law schools. Though it may sound a little expensive and time-consuming in the end it’s all worth it !!!

Salary :- $119,250 annually.

Qualifications:- Juris Doctor degree



Okay! This is one of the most difficult yet most worthwhile career options of all. Obviously, becoming a judge comes after studying law and you guessed it, majoring in criminology. It would take approximately 7 years to study law and criminology to complete graduation and consider becoming a judge. The life of a judge is definitely more reserved and stable than other government jobs. It is also quite a well-paying job.

A judges basic duties include — hearing all of the witnesses testimony and all evidence presented by the prosecution and defense and further decide whether the accused is guilty or not and pronounce the sentence to the guilty person. The powers, functions, method of appointment, training of judges vary widely across different jurisdictions.

As a judge, you will get many powers and luxuries but all at a cost, nothing comes for free. Therefore, consider becoming a judge only if you possess courage, have an excellent grasp on understanding the cases and law, honest, impartial, a workaholic, disciplined, and are adept in language and reasoning. Otherwise, this job is not for you.

Salary :- $133,840 annually.

Qualifications:- Juris Doctor degree



If you remember what I said earlier about this Netflix series ‘Mindhunter’, dude! it’s the exact same thing. This amazingly fascinating career allows you to interview criminals who are different from others to know about their thinking process, mindset, their motivation, and what made them do what they did. After studying all the information, identifying the pattern, and analyzing the statistics, a criminologist is expected to examine these different crimes and find preventive ways to reduce recidivism.

Besides conducting research, you can also continue teaching in schools and colleges now. The salary of a criminologist depends on what sort of job you are doing. You can do office work as well as fieldwork so, apart from having the appropriate education and qualifications, you also need to be excellent in the research field,  possess exceptional organizational skills, have a deep grasp of mathematics, and have an interest in writing as well.

Salary :- $77,000 annually.

Qualifications:- bachelor’s degree in criminology.



If you are looking for a career that wont take you an extra twelve years of schooling this may be the one for you as all that you will need is a master’s in psychology after your bachelor’s degree in criminology, which you can earn in tandem. This job is a combination of law and psychology, wherein you are supposed to work towards punishment and the prevention of crimes. There are different types of forensic psychologists as well so you need to think of your field as per your interest and have specialization in that field. You are free to work for the government or private hospitals.

A forensic psychologist also deals with the justice system and members of the court to assist in its functioning. As we begin to discuss salary there are definitely some things that you should take into consideration, as a beginner who just stepped into this field, you should probably expect a comparatively lower salary. For a better salary, you need to be an expert in the field which requires at least 4000 internship hours.

Salary :- $74 ,870 annually.

Qualifications:- Bachelor’s degree


Finally, I’ll say that there’s nobody better to teach you than you yourself. You are the person most familiar with your weaknesses and strength and most importantly your interests in terms of learning. So introspect yourself, do thorough research, and then plan your upcoming years.

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