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Engineering is one of the most popular courses. Every year millions of students pass out from engineering colleges with degrees, but only 8% of their field for jobs. Your engineering degree will never make you an engineer; of course, you get an engineer tag through your campus placement but they have very little chance to end up in a real engineering role where your ideas are valued and solution subject to experimentation.

Engineering and medicine are quite the same. If you don’t think so, I can prove you wrong, huh ! they are similar in the sense that you don’t just simply choose to be an engineer just like you don’t simply choose to be a doctor. You have to pick a specific engineering discipline as there are many subcategories within this career field. Some of the most popular ones are software engineering, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, etc. But how do you choose what type of engineering job is best for you?

What’s most important to you right now? Let’s be honest! Money! But here’s the thing, if you work hard, any career you choose will get you money. Find out your skills and interests, you’ll naturally figure out the best field for you. I hope after this article, you could figure out the most satisfying and least frustrating option for you.



They are the ones who do magic with computers! Software engineers spend most of the time creating computer programs or applications. They may be responsible for gathering end-user requirements, defining software system functionality and writing code in various languages, and should also be aware of SDLC having full knowledge of system analysis unit testing and deployment.

The job has its own demands, just like every other job. If you still excited about the job then go for it and if you enjoy this work, you will probably have a blast. And if not, you will probably be dreading life.

Salary :- $ 100,000

Qualifications:- Bachelor’s degree



Mechanical engineering is not “the toughest branch”. You need to get this notion out of your head. If you are interested in mathematics and physics, you can take it. Mechanical is a very much visual subject rather than electrical or electronic. Mechanical engineering in its core form refers to the need for designing and manufacturing the smallest of microcell sensors to the biggest of spacecraft.

If you’re thinking of it, let me tell you that you need to have excellent communication and presentation skills, problem-solving skills, excellent technical knowledge, good team working skills and the ability to manage projects. But, don’t take up mechanical engineering just because some distant uncle said it has a good scope because every field has good scope if you graduate as a real Engineer.

Salary :- $ 85, 880

Qualifications:- Bachelor’s degree



If you feel fascinated by those good complex electrical machines, then I think you should consider this option. It is you who will make electrical engineering or any other branch a good branch. Now coming to what job really looks like — it generally deals with the study and application of electricity, electronics, and electromagnetism.

It has subfields namely electronic, digital computers, power engineering,  telecommunication, radio frequency engineering, signal processing, etc. You need to have analytical reasoning, creative and creative thinking skills to solve problems and design, construct, and maintain electronic products. These engineers are always in demand make it be public sector or the private sector. From electricity boards to defense forces, you can’t ignore the need of an electrical engineer.

Salary :- $ 95,080

Qualifications:- Bachelor’s degree



Being a civil engineer turns you to be the creator — the maker of things right from the grass-root level. Watching a barren land convert into something magnificent over a period of time is a happiness that cannot be explained by words. Civil engineering is one of the several prominent career fields for engineers. It deals with designing and constructing physical structures such as bridges,  roads, dams, canals, commercial buildings, etc.

They are paid high and play an important role in community development. See, demand for such a field will always be high, so the job opportunities will be in abundance. All construction projects require engineers, supervisors, and architects to follow the demand of civil engineers. Plus, it can let you travel as well to different places. As you know with great importance come significant job pressures, you need to be ready to face it.

Salary :- $ 84,770

Qualifications:- Bachelor’s degree



It’s one of the most challenging areas of engineering. It deals with the development of new technology in the field of aviation, space, and different systems. It basically involves designing and manufacturing hi-tech systems. The demand for aerospace engineers is less compared to other industries which makes it harder to find a job. I am sure you are not one of those who think aerospace engineering means you designing the entire aircraft design.

Most people specialize in a particular domain and only take care of designing a specific component related to the domain. In case you feel like going for it, just give it a check if you have those list of skills needed to be an aerospace engineer — creativity, analytical skills, excellent mathematics, critical thinking, technical knowledge, problem-solving skills, logical reasoning, leadership, flexibility and so on. Now, it’s up to you.

Salary :- $ 113, 030

Qualifications:- Bachelor’s degree



Since it’s a still “developing” branch the demand for it would be comparatively low. The field of biomedical engineering is exciting and confusing at the same time because it’s a combination of engineering and biology. You just need to have a good understanding of several technical aspects and how they could be used and applied in the medical field and health care systems i.e. diagnostics and therapy.

Since its related to healthcare it’ll be forever in demand. You can get all sorts of jobs, even the administration of hospitals or you could go for being an application specialist in a reputed healthcare company like Siemens.

Salary :- $ 88,040

Qualifications:- Bachelor’s degree


In the end, I’ll only say that your career shouldn’t be something you have to do, it should be something you want to do. You’ll know you’re in the right spot when work doesn’t feel like work. So, just figure out your interests, your likes, and what your heart says and just go for it. You can shine in any field if you do your job nicely and passionately!

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