How to achieve the perfect interview look ?

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A job interview is something that can help you to obtain the position you want. Therefore, in addition to showing empathy, communication skills, and sufficient preparation for the position; it will be necessary to make a good impression with our interview look. You just can’t take a risk by being boring and conventional in an interview.

Whatever is the job, you should present yourself in such a way that the interviewer remembers you for your personality and performance. Keeping your interview look professional demonstrates respect and your seriousness for the job.

According to one survey conducted online, it was found that 93% of the executives believe that employees’ style of dressing at interview influenced his/her chances of getting selected in the job interviews and also promotions after they get the job.

Although job-related skills and experience rank high in importance in whether or not you land the position as during the initial process they have less power than most of us think. That’s because the first thing we notice about someone is their appearance and more specifically the way their interview look.

In this article, I will explain to you the dress code for both men and women i.e. how one should dress up for an interview.



For women, I would say the sense of style that you should be going for, when it comes to an interview look is classy yet chic. If you decide to wear a suit in your interview, it’s a great idea as it is better to over-dress than to underdress. Wear a fitted blazer with fitted pants. DON’T go to an interview wearing an oversized blazer.

You can wear light-colored blouses/shirts with trousers/skirts but when going for a skirt, make sure you are not showing too much of your skin. Avoid any deep neck or lower back clothes as they would look very unprofessional. Avoid designs that draw a lot of attention: exaggerated necklines, transparent fabrics, and very short clothes.

For men, a formal shirt of light color with the matching tie and trousers would work the best. The trousers need to be plain and of solid dark color. Necktie of elegant tones in red or blue might work.  Your shirt should be nicely ironed and tucked inside the trousers. It’s a big NO if you are planning to wear something casual like a t-shirt or jeans.



For  Women, choose pastel shades such as light pink, lemon yellow, sky blue, etc.  With regard to trousers, opt for dark such as black or navy blue. Also, make a check that there are no stains and dirty marks because that is one of the major reasons that turns off the executors.

For men, choose darker shades when it comes to trousers such as black, navy blue. You can choose a white shirt or any pastel-colored shirt. In the case of the blazer, go for solid colors such as Black or brown.



When you’re doing your makeup for an interview look, think soft and natural and subtle look. Overall, a good rule of thumb is to choose shades within a close range of your skin tone. You want to make a good impression without overdoing it. In the case of interview makeup, less is much, much is more. Forget about the crazy, colorful eyeshadow. If you choose to wear eyeshadow, it should hardly be noticeable.

You want to be able to make firm, confident eye contact while you answer questions, and your interviewer’s attention should be on your answers themselves, not on your loud eye makeup.



For Women, as you people have a little more leeway, but you still want to keep your jewelry on the conservative side. Even if you’re interviewing for a position in a more creative field, wearing one or two carefully chosen pieces is recommended as it adds a classy touch to your final interview look. Once you get the job, you’ll see the lay of the land and be able to express your own style.

Also avoid loud, chunky, and flashy jewelry. Definitely do not go for heavy gold or diamond ones. Wear earrings, but keep them smaller and simple. I would recommend a nice watch as it will polish your look.

For Men, they should limit their accessories to a wedding band (if you’re married) and a nice watch. You could wear a class ring. A watch in silver color or with a leather strap is perfect.

The belt should have a plain color that too matching with your shoes. The infallible are black, dark brown, and navy blue. The portfolio must be black or Oxford gray. These things will give you a sophisticated touch.


  • HAIR

When thinking of a perfect interview look, don’t forget to style your hair to ensure you arrive at the interview with a business appearance and looking your best.

For women, if you have long hairs either make a bun or a French twist or in case you prefer leaving your hair loose, just ensure that the hair is not falling on your face or forehead. Messy hairs could give the impression that you are a messy and disorganized person. Better just keep it neat and tidy.

For men, you definitely should keep them short. It’s a  humble request that you keep those high rise ponies and designer haircuts safe for your dates. It’s better if you go with just neat and combed hairs which are at place. Use only the amount of gel or spray needed, avoid exceeding in the use of these products, it will be unlikely to arrive with a stiff helmet on top of your head.



There isn’t much that can help dispel the stress created by a looming job interview, but having great nails certainly can’t make it any worse. Having perfect nails does enhance your overall interview look.

For women, either keep them short and tidy and if long, avoid any sort of blunt or eye-catching nail polish. Before the big day, make sure your hands are well moisturized, your cuticles are pushed back neatly, and your nails are filed smoothly. For an occasion like this, a rounded tip is probably the best nail shape. It’s classic, chic, and elegant—just how good interview nails should be!

For men, just don’t chew them off one night before. Keep your nails neat and clean. You need to ensure that they are filed because dirty and chewed nails would show that you are extremely nervous and might turn off the employer.



An employer or hiring manager evaluates your appearance more than a job applicant’s background and communication skills during an interview. He also evaluates the applicant’s overall interview look, including grooming, accessories, and shoes. The type of shoes you select can enhance your appearance – and your appeal as a job candidate – or completely ruin your chances of getting the job.

For women, opt for comfortable heels or don’t go for heels at all. Court shoes, brogues, ballerina heels, and top tip are the most idol to wear in an interview. If you wear uncomfortable shoes then it would show on your face. Keep them simple and comfortable. Make sure your shoes are black, white, or a color that matches your outfit.

For men, ensure that your shoes are polished. Definitely avoid wearing sneakers at an interview. When choosing the color and finish of your shoes, stick with neutral colors such as black, dark brown, and grey.


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