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college interview

The college you applied for has 99% made up their mind about you. They’re ready with their decision and the big red ‘ADMIT’ or ‘DENY’ stamp…almost there…but they’re waiting for you to impress them with your personality and your charms besides your mind-blowing marks. So, you just need to relax as its just a college interview and listen to what I say now.

See, most of the information that a college need is already out there by the time that you have the interview. As we know, it’s the third and the last stage to get into your dream college. Usually, the process begins with their entrance or admission test, then group discussion and followed by the personal college interview which is nothing but the casual conversation that a prospective student has with a representative from a school—which maybe someone from the admissions office, a professor or a current or former student. So, if you’re already in the third stage, you have half won the battle.

Now, that I’ve praised you enough, you should feel a bit more relaxed about the interview. Each University has a different approach in these interviews and each interviewer will be looking for different information. However, what is consistent is that it is a PERSONALITY Interview. Don’t be an ass, be polite, and least proud of your achievements if you have any. You need to talk and be invested in the interview. So, here are the five ways to crack your college interview smoothly:


  • Do some planning/ Research

Definitely! Don’t give a chance! Research about the college you’re applying for and what they are famous for. Brush up a little bit about its alumni, academic activities, co-curricular, etc. Also practice some of the commonly asked college interview questions such as, “ Tell me a bit about Yourself ?”, here, tell them what you’re excited about and interested in. Just be stoked about whatever it is. Vlogger? Yeah great. Doesn’t matter, just whatever you love and are knowledgeable and excited about.

Now here are some more tips for this question, you need to know that this a perfect opportunity to tell people in front of you, representatives of your dream college, something interesting and valuable about yourself. While answering, don’t act like you’re way too proud of it. It shouldn’t sound like you’ve got overconfident about your marks or your debating skills.

Lastly be sure,  that you’re staying concise, i.e. keep your speech short and nice. So be prepared with your answers beforehand only. Along with some logical stuff, throw in some emotional aspect as well.


  • Have some questions!

You need to think about a couple of questions that you might want to ask the interviewer about college life in general. If you want to present yourself as detail-oriented, hyper focussed, ambitious, borderline insane people that they’re looking for, Go for it !. Take this college interview as an opportunity to learn more about these colleges.

You do need a bit of research on this as I said earlier and this point is so crucial because examiners will be happy to know that you are so curious about the college you’re applying for. This describes you as a particularly aimed person for your future. You have goals, man, this is cool! And of course, this also shows that you are highly motivated for the position and the college.

And not to forget that the questions you ask don’t need to be deep, just the ones you can’t find by browsing the college website in just fifteen minutes. Whatever you ask is fine but just DO NOT end up asking when will you hear about your results.


  • Be confident about yourself!

By being confident I mean you should know about yourself. Don’t forget to introspect yourself about what are your likes /dislikes? What are your interests? What you exactly want from your life? Who has most influenced you? What defines you? and so on.  Well, you might even surprise yourself with some revelations.

Now, being so self-aware, you will be more confident with answers during your college interview. A bit of practice beforehand will help you prepare for your college interview, giving you the confidence to breeze through the thorniest interview process. Don’t go into the interview all reserved.

Remember, this college interview is your opportunity to show the interviewers your enthusiasm and your real self and not what they want to see you as. The interviewer will interpret your authenticity as your confidence. You will feel less nervous and be less apt to make avoidable mistakes.


  • Dress up for the day!

I know I asked you to be yourself on your college interview a minute ago but that doesn’t mean you will be dressing up as your favorite movie character on this Big day. Don’t try to be too fashionable as well. Try being modest, simply clean, and crisp.

Remember this famous quote by Leonardo da Vinci, “ Simplicity is the Ultimate Sophistication”, think of it before you plan to dress like a show stopper! So, if there is a uniform dress code then go with formals, otherwise, stick to the simple dressing part. Be comfortable and confident with who you are. More importantly, be comfortable and confident with who you are not.

Lastly, make sure your clothes are ironed or pressed and that you’re not wearing something for the first time that might not be comfortable or fit well. Try it on and lay everything out the night before to prevent any hiccups.


  • Be On-time/before time

The big day is here !! You have worked so hard for it. Don’t ruin all your efforts just by being late by a couple of minutes. Double-check your interview time, place, and directions. See, being late provides a very bad first impression. Being late shows you’re least attentive towards important details. Now, I guess that’s the last impression you want to leave interviewers with.

Try greeting people on your way when you walk in early for your college interview. It’s a great way to stand out before the interviewers for the right reasons. Still, in case, if you know you’re going to be late for any XYZ reason, contact your interviewers beforehand. And if you forget doing that, apologize to your interviewer sincerely for making them wait.

Once you’ve apologized for your late arrival,  just don’t bring this topic again. Shift the focus as quickly as possible from your faux pas to your strengths and skills. Convince them nicely for admitting you by presenting all your skills and abilities on the table and let them know how flexible you can get.


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