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Chemistry !! Too much of fundamental science to handle. We all know that science is the poetry of reality !! We’ll be talking about its huge part: chemistry.

Chemistry is everywhere and in everything. Every action and reaction requires chemical disputes. Even your body is a complex chemistry lab where every second a chemical reaction takes place. All matter is made of chemicals, so the importance of chemistry is that it’s the study of everything. And today we are here discussing chemistry only.

This is for all the chemistry degree holders. And also for those who want to pursue a chemistry degree. We’ll be telling you here about the professions that rock because of chemists. Ok, let me make it very clear in the first place that if you feel like gaining more knowledge about anything in this topic, you can definitely ask us.

And to get settled with a chemistry degree isn’t easy. You definitely need some more graduation courses after this to get some specialization to earn a healthy income. You need to do a master’s degree and for help, we can guide you in pursuing them, which will be of good help to you.


• Doctorate

• Ph.D.

• Masters of science in analytical chemistry

• Masters of science in drug chemistry

• Masters in chemical engineering

• Masters of science in chemistry

• Masters of business administration

• Masters of science in organic chemistry

• Masters of science in inorganic chemistry

• Masters of science in material chemistry

• Masters of science in pharmaceutical chemistry


And now that we have introduced you the master courses of chemistry branches, here is the list of all the profession that you can pursue good and stable income with your type of specific interest in chemistry:



Analytical Chemist is the one who studies intentionally on the chemical structures and the matter in detail. They have the skills of drug development, toxicology, and also forensic analysis. Also, these analytical chemists can further opt for being a toxicologist, or a pharmacist, etc.



So if you are someone who is extremely interested in physics, chemistry, and maths, then this can be the best profession for you. Chemical engineers are the ones responsible for the development and designing of chemical manufacturing processes and things. As we all know chemistry involves a good part of science, it involves a good knowledge of biology and physics as well to equate issues of use of chemicals that are used in day to day lives.



If you are someone who has an interest in chemistry and investigations then what else can be the best. Forensic science gives you the whole opportunity to investigate crime scenes, and as the name suggests, a forensic scientist is nothing, but the study for crime scene investigation and research techniques. They very well know how to analyze evidence. They are specialized in laboratory analysis of crime evidence as well.



Are you more of a person who finds geological science as interesting? Because then, Geochemists, study mainly upon the composition of elements of groundwater, and of earth materials. And all this is studied on the basis of physical and organic chemistry.



This is for someone who is greatly concerned about the planet Earth and wants to contribute in its protection with their work, These chemists have the responsibility of detecting and then reducing chemical pollutants from the air, water and soil. They are supposed to invent techniques and ideas that can help reduce chemical pollution mainly which is caused by waste.



If you are the type of person who believes in sharing knowledge then, this can be a soothing profession for you. Chemistry teachers teach students all about compounds, elements, molecules, atoms, ions, and chemical reactions. Chemistry teachers are supposed to organize the teaching syllabus according to schedules and also you should be teaching with the help of lab experiments.



Research person ?? Wanna study in more detail about chemistry? ?? Then give it a chance !! A material scientist is someone who studies all about the chemical properties of elements and compounds and all in detail. And then they are supposed to analyze the differences between human-made, chemical-based products, and natural chemical products. Eg. Ceramic, glass, alloys, etc.



Pharmacology is a knowledgeable profession which is comparably more lengthy. But leads to good income. Pharmacologists study on all kinds of drugs, chemicals, their uses, advantages, and disadvantages, etc. They study how drugs act and respond in a human body. They are reliable creatures after doctors who have good knowledge of medicines.



Toxicologists study the whole of biology, chemistry, pharmacology, and medicine to meet the understanding needs of toxicology. They analyze everything about drugs including their effects on living beings and also they practice the exposure and response of toxins on organisms. Hence, it’s toxicology.



Water chemists, analyze the water samples. They are supposed to design new analytical techniques, to evaluate the composition of waters from different aquifers. They monitor how water from a particular source changes with time.


So, this was all for the list of career options of a chemistry degree. The power of science compels you. And so we are hoping this article serves you good.

But this list is not the end. You can still try for everything you want to do with your chemistry degree. The scope is everywhere. But you really need to realize this that at least a specialization is very necessary. And I feel there is nothing wrong with it even. If you want it, then work hard for it. You can achieve success only if you give your 100% to it.

Doing any of the master’s degrees will make you more knowledgeable in your field. Giving a higher post of job, a higher amount of salary, and what else do you need. This is the right time. Accomplish it. Because tomorrow won’t ever come.

Take your time to decide but remember you have to decide soon before it’s too late. Good luck!

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