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“The study of geography is about more than just memorizing places on a map , it’s about understanding the complexity of this world, appreciating the diversity of our cultures that exists across continents. And in the end, it’s about using all that knowledge to help bridges divide, and bring people together. ” – Barack Obama.



Here is a very popular and a very honest quote from a respected man, Barack Obama, about geography. What exactly is geography? Geography is a subject that covers the whole earth !! And if I am not wrong then other planets too. Geography is a science that involves the study of land, it’s features, factors that bring changes in land, inhabitants, and all the weird phenomenon that occur on land.

Careers involving a geography degree are way more interesting than you might think. My suggestion to you is to be self-motivated, as no one is going to push you. After all ‘ without geography, you’re nowhere !’ I would like to start by discussing geography, to make you realize of the professions and opportunities that you can have but you may not have noticed. It’s all presented right in its description.

There’s a good saying that exists; “everything has to do with geography,” and this subject completely justifies it. You just have to keep in your mind that you can choose any profession you want, but that won’t help you succeed until you add your interest and determination to it. As for having passion in what you do, you need to seek out these professions, which give you the benefit to enjoy what you do.

Choose according to your interest and think about it before making a decision. Once you have chosen your path, it’s difficult to make time for what you want. I don’t intend to scare you, only to offer my advice . Your life can be a happy, satisfying life with just one good decision.

Before going through all of this, you can try writing about what your interests in geography are. Then you can proceed to reading this article and consider making out a check list. Let’s begin with all the career opportunities that you have with a geography degree :



These specialists are the ones who store geospatial data with their management skills. This includes building and maintaining entire databases and analyzing the data in them. They also develop maps and graphs with the help of GIS software and equipment. GIS specialists can also be known as Technicians, Analysts and Cartographers.



Surveyors are the ones who determines the terrestrial or three-dimensional positions of points, angles and the distances between them. This means that one who surveys the land is termed shortly as a surveyor.



Drafters are a kind of technician, such as an engineer. They are responsible for building and developing plans for machinery, electronics and buildings, infrastructure, and all for the land with the help of their technical drawing skills (to me, it seems like a technical and architectural work!). Drafters can also be termed as a drafting technician or a draftsperson.



Climatology, as the name suggests, is related to the study of analyzing weather patterns and atmospherical changes over time around the world. They work out all of the atmospherical patterns that lead to harm or progress of any place.



Cartographers make scientific maps, and for this, they are supposed to do a lot of research work, which includes collecting and evaluating data for designing maps. This requires a vast knowledge of all geographical things.



Meteorologists are researchers, also known as scientists of meteorology. They use their mathematical knowledge to develop a daily weather forecast and so they are also termed as weather forecasters and operational meteorologists. They have a good knowledge of all the meteorological phenomena to create their daily data reports of weather.



Transportation managers run the logistics of transportation . They are the controller one. They have many people working below them who handle the post transportation duties which include dispatching, routing, and tracking, under the guidance of transportation manager.



Environmental Managers are the people who take control of the organization that checks for environmental regulations, in particular, the areas which include the quality of air, water and control over pollution. Their responsibility serves the environment, and mankind.



Researchers in this field are also termed as geographers. With the help of maps and global positioning systems, they study all about the earth, it’s the distribution of lands, it’s features and also it’s inhabitants. They are supposed to examine and study the human and physical geographic features of different regions on the land area of Earth, which ranges in the scale from local to global.



Demographers are the people who deal with the study of the structure of the population. They are the ones who make observations about things that cause a change in the population, they also study in detail the factors that affect the population. These factors include birth rates, death rates, immigration, and more. These people collect the statistical data, to analyze and predict future changes in the graph of the future.


This is where my list of career options from geography degree ends, But make sure that you don’t get low with this list. This is life. It has opportunities at every step, waiting for you. You only need to believe in yourself to start and from there you simply work to achieve whatever goal you wish for. I’ll leave you with a good luck wish.


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