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Arts degree is worthless? If that’s what you think then the answer is NO. The only thing useless is someone who gets a degree in art and doesn’t have the creativity to figure out how to apply it well. If you’re skillful and ingenious, then an art degree could be just what you’re looking for to express yourself and it can do wonders for your career. There exists no degree that is worthless or has no career options.

Regardless of career options and 6 digit salary, you should take something that is interesting and you are good at, even if it is cooking! Don’t chase the mighty dollar completely. Moving ahead, If you’ve already thought of pursuing an Arts degree, I am sure you would have decided the next step too. Haven’t you?

Do you know, only a fraction of people pursuing arts know what they want after college. Mostly don’t. You can’t just pick a major and say, “ Ugh, I’ll land  up somewhere .” You really have to figure out what you will do. So, If you’re a student looking to pursue Liberal arts or humanities in your graduation or the one graduated with this degree tucked in your arms, here are six major career options for you to look for:



Arts is a wonderful field and Yeah! there exists no world without Artists. I dare you to look around you within a ten feet radius and identify one thing that doesn’t have some sort of design, color, form, a pattern in it. What I’m saying is art affects your daily life. You might don’t want to be a painter maybe, but there are plenty more options available there such as designing book covers, promotional brochures,  commercials, etc. Now, know yourself and decide, do you have that skill?

Fun Fact: You can be an Artist even without a degree.

Salary :- $49 , 520

Qualifications:- Bachelors degree



It’s an amazing feeling to teach what you love because you help students to trust their instincts and unleash the creative potential in an environment that you have created for them. It’s also amazing because your students would wish to be like you someday. For day to day work, its an excellent job, and one typically gets to do a mix of teaching and working with students, program development, and maybe research any art field.

Imagine a job wherein you’re: well paid, can’t be fired, few work hours, summers off, attractive young people around, an office full of amazing books! Yes, It exists! Who on this earth would say no to it?

Salary :- $66,930

Qualifications:- Bachelor’s degree and Masters/ Doctorate degree.



Listen! If you think that the scope of graphic design is limited, you’re so mistaken. Graphic design is one of the most popular career choices of today’s generation. But don’t go with the crowd, only if you have creative ideas and artistic mind, it’s indeed an exciting career choice as you would have no deadlines, competition, or 9 to 5 job.

Graphic designers work as Art specialists, design consultants,  design management professionals, creative associates, and even freelance experts. Your job basically would be to create your ideas virtually and communicate ideas that inspire and captivate consumers. Also! A graphic designer can work with almost every company indulged in some painting jobs and as an entrepreneur.

Salary :- $48,700

Qualifications:- Bachelors degree



The job of a curator is a mysterious one, but it boils down to a few key things i.e. to strategically acquire, research, and interpret artwork in a collection. Curators typically hold a very advanced degree in Art, philosophy, history, or anthropology. They are subject matter experts hired to help guide a museum.

They not only know about art history but also art practices and laws around Art acquisition, Art Preservation, material science, exhibition management, cataloging, publishing, etc. For being a curator, you need to be bold, charismatic, fearless, and willing to take risks and make mistakes besides being extremely knowledgeable about your subject.

Salary :- $53,700

Qualifications :- Masters /doctorate degree



Curious about this job? Me too, before I wrote this article. Essentially, an Art Director “ideates”. Your job would be to come up with inspiring situations to a creative belief. Art directors are responsible for visual designs and they create this overall design for a project which might be for advertising, PR Firm, magazine publisher, theatre, etc.

They’re also responsible for developing budgets and timelines. For that, you need to have strong conceptual skills as well. Only do it, if you’re passionate about solving problems by having tons of ideas and if you’re passionate about defending and improving the visual integrity and language of a project. Don’t do it for namesake as you’ll end up being miserable.

Salary :- $92 , 520

Qualifications:- Bachelors degree



Okay, its no way similar to the job of an Art director. This one’s pretty amazing! Here, your job would be to set the artistic policy of the gallery. Your responsibility would be expanded for both permanent collections and artwork for specific exhibitions besides managing day to day operations.

You would have to build up contacts with important artists and create high levels of interest among the art community and the people. You need to have amazing communication, writing skills, time management, critical thinking, and complex problem solving for this one.

Salary :- $45 ,630

Qualifications:- Bachelors degree


The list doesn’t end here. There are plenty of more careers you can choose with your Arts degree. Think about who you are, what you’re good at, and what you enjoy. Find out your skills and interests, you’ll naturally figure out the best career for you.

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