Most Rewarding Careers for a Philosophy Degree/Major


“ Philosophy, rightly defined, is the love of wisdom” — Cicero.

I dare you if you have yet to read Aristotle, Socrates, Plato, or Seneca’s philosophy, do so. They are such great and timeless philosophers, no one would disagree. I personally admire philosophy. 

The philosophy degree is one of the most sought after degrees. It extends into ideas such as politics, religion, ethics, and logic. No matter which country you live in, a philosophy degree is sought after by many. It challenges the student’s minds to think openly in a much broader perspective and that is a very good skill to have, especially for a problem solver.

Philosophy is often defined as the study of problems and solutions to human existence. You are bound to learn a great deal about society and human nature in general when studying philosophy. You need to answer one question honestly before you think about making a career out of philosophy. The question is simple, “Are you willing to study philosophy further? Or would you rather enter the job market?”

Once you have an honest answer to that question, you can start considering what you want to do with your future.  If you’re planning to continue studying philosophy, then the best course of action is to get a master’s degree in philosophy. I would ask you to consider this choice carefully because philosophy doesn’t talk about the future and is not meant for making money, it asks you to stay in the present.

Before you change your mind, let me tell you about the career opportunities open to you with a philosophy degree ~



This would require you to earn a doctorate in philosophy. Becoming a philosophy professor means you just want to think about esoteric problems all day and share your thoughts with a group of like-minded individuals. If you take pleasure in making things clear, enjoy the clarity that philosophy can provide, like to further question beyond ordinary, repetitive opinions and is relentless in this then, as a professor with a calling, you have a beautiful, challenging life.

A never-ending set of intense conversations about the most important human problems. Philosophy professor thinks things through fully, systematically, and thoroughly.  As a professor, you’ll have to teach classes, have office hours, and committee work.

Often times, students have problems, and being a philosophy professor is much more than just teaching — it might involve counseling students and unraveling layers of emotional problems to get them the help they need.

Annual wage :- $69,590

Qualifications:- Master’s degree



Philosophers make great arbitrators. Period. Philosophy is often one of the best undergraduate programs for prospective law students. A great deal of philosophy focuses on logic constructing and deconstructing arguments, assessing the strength of arguments,  how to provide counter-arguments, and more. These skills are obviously quite useful when forming legal arguments to support your case or counter-arguments.

Philosophy teaches you how to handle hard concepts and think about things from “outside the box” as often conventional wisdom doesn’t really work in these cases. If you are looking for a doctorate degree, then I would definitely consider a Juris doctor. Since I myself am a lawyer, I would say the law, and other related fields, are becoming more and more important in the present world.

In the case that you would wish to get hired to do some legal work for a company, seeing your doctorate used in the field, they would scoop you up faster than you could even imagine.

Annual wage :- $60,670

Qualifications:- Master’s degree and/or Juris degree and Arbitrator license.



Before you just jump into this career, I want you to ask yourself “do I know what a political scientist really is?” Only if you have an interest in thinking, creating, and helping (I will explain a bit more at length, thinking really is Research and investigation. Creating includes innovation and imagination, and helping mean assisting, serving and counseling) then you are perfect for this field.

The job of a political scientist is to research political ideas and analyze government, policies, also political trends, and issues. The great benefit of a philosophy background in this setting is that it endows one with humility and it encourages deep engagement of the program at hand.

Aside from that, being a philosopher means making smart and rational decisions. You also need to know that a political scientist typically works full time in an office. Overtime is also common, almost mandatory in fact. If you think this works for you and you want to go for it, be prepared for a lot of competition out there.

Annual wage :- $114,290

Qualifications:- Bachelor’s / Masters’s degree.



Journalism is such a fascinating career option. What does Philosophy have to do with Journalism? It’s a good, supportive body of knowledge when used in journalism. This specific degree teaches you writing and communication skills, and how to spawn ideas on a diverse range of problems. Also how to analyze said problems, develop arguments, and find solutions.

What degree would be better for a journalist?? This major will smoothly set a solid foundation for your career. Further, a career in journalism will open more doors in the conventional world. But being a journalist is not so easy, some days you will get the front-page story, and other days you are struggling to get a single story printed.

However, you will meet new, interesting people every day. If you have a lot of patience and are in the habit of balancing things then you can hop right into it. If you think this is what you want to do every day when you wake up, then I think it’s the choice stop for you. This career will give you a license to try and satisfy your inner curiosity.

It’s like any other full-time job where you work more than 40 hours a week and have the option to take your work home with you.

Annual wage :- $ 140,670

Qualifications:- Bachelor’s degree



Philosophy is so vast that it extends to all the fields and doesn’t limit you to any one specific area. It’s sort of a bridge or link between Science and humanities in the same manner as product management is between multidisciplinary functions. A philosopher, while reading gets so deep inside his own world, one must make an effort to analyze the mental model of a philosopher, the same way managers need to understand the world of their users.

Studying philosophy will help you understand and envision the context of a product in society. A philosophical way of thinking will help you formulate a meaningful purpose for your product, inspiring the company, the employees, and the end-users. 

Annual wage:- $94,690

Qualifications:- Bachelor’s degree


In the end, it all comes down to you and your interests, so think wisely. 

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