Resume and CV – which one?

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There are various aspects on how a resume should be customized. For instance, while one page resumes are most popular in most cases, there are places which would require you to have a longer resume or more appropriately Curriculum Vitae (CV) such as in academia.

So a resume for teacher or someone looking into academia is going to be totally different from someone looking for a sales job. In our team of people have worked in both academic sector as well as private industries (example story) and they will put together their experiences in making your resume look perfect for either case.

Here is a sample resume and CV, both of these have been used successfully by people to get actual jobs. We would encourage you to take a look at those and share opinion about which one would you prefer using polls and comments.

Resume or CV which one works ?

We are constantly looking to improve our services by taking your valuable feedback and if you would like us to reformat or give feedback on your resume either email us or create you or own personalized account for free and we will get back to you ASAP.

Here is a sample resume example


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